The Next Generation

Barry and Lily both aged up into Elders, and were retired from the Breeding Ranch, so the responsibility now lies on their daughter, Bella, and her mate, Tommy.


Suzy also celebrated a birthday!

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15

After becoming an adult, Suzy decided to get a new look, before heading out to celebrate the night away at a local club.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-22

The next day, Lily’s last pair of pups grew up into adults! One has followed the traditional Boxer look, the other, not quite so much…!?

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-26

Jenny and Lucy were then taught to sit before being sold on to find their new forever home.

A friend of Suzy sent her a stereo that she wanted upgraded, so Suzy got working on to earn a few extra pennies.


Suzy has also been making some extra pennies by inventing at the workbench, however, sometimes this has been more of a hazard than a blessing!

Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-38

Bella gave birth to her first litter! Two little girls, Casey and Jess.


After saving up some money, Suzy decided to invest some of it into the Bookshop, in the hope of making some extra money.


Casey and Jess have also now grown up, however they have not as yet undergone their training before they can be rehomed. As with Lily’s last litter, Casey grew up to look like a normal Boxer, but Jess grew up with a different look.

Screenshot-37 Screenshot-36

Through a busy period at the Breeding Ranch, Suzy has also managed to find the time to begin a romantic interest! She has met a man named Nick, and a relationship has since bloomed.


Although there has been many happy occasions, there has also been two heartbreaking moments. The original Boxer Breeding Ranch pair, Lily and Barry, have passed away from old age.

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41

They have gone, but will not be forgotten, with their ashes kept on a table at the Ranch in memory.

+10 Jenny & Lucy taught to sit
+4 Puppies born x2
+6 Friendly Trait
-20 Both original breeding dogs died

Current total = 47


Finally free from Uni!

Jack has grown up, and I think he is possibly the cutest pup so far?? (The one stood at the back!)


He has now been taught to sit and sold to his new home! (Although was tempted to keep him for his markings!) Although before he left, him, and his mum and dad seemed to be having a rolling party going on!


Lily has given birth to her latest two pups! They look like they’re identical! They were both little girls and have been called Jenny and Lucy 🙂

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7

After aging up, I decided to keep the female pup Bella, from Lily’s last litter to be a second breeding female. and a new male was taken in, now named Tommy! Both Tommy and Bella have been taught to sit before they can enter the breeding program.

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11Tommy

+10 Jack + Bella taught to sit
+4 Puppies born x2
+6 Friendly trait x2

Current total = 47

Just a little late?

So I haven’t posted for so long! Between Uni work, starting a part-time job and moving, I haven’t actually had time to play Sims since the last time I updated! Managed to get some time to start playing again today! Plus things have quietened down at Uni now, so will hopefully be able to keep updated a bit more!

So the last we saw was Charlie had been sold on to his new forever home! However, he didn’t seem to quite want to leave at first (which made me feel really guilty!) and I caught him jumping up and looking through the window at his family and his old home (</3) and then followed Suzy into her house!

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23

So aside from selling the pups, Suzy’s only way of earning money are though selling the eggs and making cheese to sell from the milk from her chicken and cows. In one lucky egg harvest, Suzy found two rare eggs, which together sold for £3000! So, because Suzy wanted to spend less time in bed raising her energy levels, she splashed out and bought herself a rather expensive bed!


Ted has also now grown up into an adult dog! He was also taught to sit and now has been sold on to his new forever home 🙂

Screenshot-25 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

Lily is also now pregnant again! I’m considering keeping her female pup, Bella, and adopting a new male Boxer so I can raise two litters at once?

+5 Ted learnt to sit

Current Total = 27

The Family is Growing!

Since the last update, Lily and Barry have had 3 more pups!

Screenshot-12 TedScreenshot-14 JackScreenshot-17Bella

Charlie has also grown up into an adult and has learnt to sit!

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16

Charlie has now been sold on to join his forever home 🙂

+6 Pup born x3
+6 Friendly Trait x2
+5 Charlie learnt to sit

Current total = 22

Making some Pennies

After exploring the farm, Suzy realised a cow and chickens had been left behind! She was able to harvest milk and eggs from these animals and sell them for a small amount of money.


After a visit to the local junkyard, Suzy was amazed to find salvageable items that people had thrown out! Who needs to buy new items, when you can have these!?


Settling In

The old stables have been converted into the Breeding Ranch:


This is where the dogs will be living full time. They also have free range access to the fields so they are able to go outside when they like!


Suzy has managed to just about pay for very basic living items:

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8