Finally free from Uni!

Jack has grown up, and I think he is possibly the cutest pup so far?? (The one stood at the back!)


He has now been taught to sit and sold to his new home! (Although was tempted to keep him for his markings!) Although before he left, him, and his mum and dad seemed to be having a rolling party going on!


Lily has given birth to her latest two pups! They look like they’re identical! They were both little girls and have been called Jenny and Lucy 🙂

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7

After aging up, I decided to keep the female pup Bella, from Lily’s last litter to be a second breeding female. and a new male was taken in, now named Tommy! Both Tommy and Bella have been taught to sit before they can enter the breeding program.

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11Tommy

+10 Jack + Bella taught to sit
+4 Puppies born x2
+6 Friendly trait x2

Current total = 47


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