The Next Generation

Barry and Lily both aged up into Elders, and were retired from the Breeding Ranch, so the responsibility now lies on their daughter, Bella, and her mate, Tommy.


Suzy also celebrated a birthday!

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15

After becoming an adult, Suzy decided to get a new look, before heading out to celebrate the night away at a local club.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-22

The next day, Lily’s last pair of pups grew up into adults! One has followed the traditional Boxer look, the other, not quite so much…!?

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-26

Jenny and Lucy were then taught to sit before being sold on to find their new forever home.

A friend of Suzy sent her a stereo that she wanted upgraded, so Suzy got working on to earn a few extra pennies.


Suzy has also been making some extra pennies by inventing at the workbench, however, sometimes this has been more of a hazard than a blessing!

Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-38

Bella gave birth to her first litter! Two little girls, Casey and Jess.


After saving up some money, Suzy decided to invest some of it into the Bookshop, in the hope of making some extra money.


Casey and Jess have also now grown up, however they have not as yet undergone their training before they can be rehomed. As with Lily’s last litter, Casey grew up to look like a normal Boxer, but Jess grew up with a different look.

Screenshot-37 Screenshot-36

Through a busy period at the Breeding Ranch, Suzy has also managed to find the time to begin a romantic interest! She has met a man named Nick, and a relationship has since bloomed.


Although there has been many happy occasions, there has also been two heartbreaking moments. The original Boxer Breeding Ranch pair, Lily and Barry, have passed away from old age.

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41

They have gone, but will not be forgotten, with their ashes kept on a table at the Ranch in memory.

+10 Jenny & Lucy taught to sit
+4 Puppies born x2
+6 Friendly Trait
-20 Both original breeding dogs died

Current total = 47


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